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Kiwanis Kids Triathlon
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What ages can participate?

The Kiwanis Kids Triathlon is a youth triathlon that is open to any child age 5 to 14. Any child age 5 to 14 on race day is eligible to participate in the race.

2. What does my child need to participate?

Each child will need to have a bike in good working order, a helmet with chin strap that buckles, and comfortable shoes for the run. Goggles or a mask for the swim is helpful, but not required.

3. Where can I register?

On-line registration will be available on the Race Information Page.   A mail-in registration form will also be available in pdf format on the website.


4. Where do I pick up my race packet?

Packet Pick-up will be held on the Friday evening before the race from 5 to 8 p.m., and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Holiday Inn Express / Three Bear Waterpark in Baxter, MN.  Packet pick-up will also be available at the race venue from 2 - 3:30 pm on race day.

5.  Will all age groups be racing together?

No.  The participants will be divided into waves of approximately 35 to prevent crowding on the course.  In addition, the age 5 - 9 race will be held separate from the age 10 - 14 race.

6. What is "Transition"?

Transition is the movement from one event to the next. The transition area is where each child will be given a spot to put his/her bike, helmet, shoes, and any other belongings the child wants to use during the race. The participant will enter the transition area in the Whipple Beach Park parking area following the swim, get ready for the bike, and walk the bike out of the transition area. They will return after the bike to the transition area and leave for the run. After the run, they will go to the finish line.

It may be helpful for first-time triathletes to practice the transition process prior to race day.  Simply setting out shoes, helmet, shirt and bike in the yard, and practicing the process a few times will make the race transition go more smoothly.  For those who have difficulty tying their shoes, or looking to have a quicker transition, replacing shoelaces with elastic cord may be helpful (be sure those shoes are worn prior to raceday to confirm the elastic is the proper tension).

7. What should I pack for the race?

Each participant's plan will be a bit different, but we have found it helpful to include the following items in a bag to bring to the transition area for the race. Swim goggles, if the participant wants to use them. A towel to lay at your transition spot to wipe your feet and to help you identify your space. Shoes, helmet, and a shirt (if you would like) for the bike portion. Comfortable running shoes for the run.

8. Can I ride the course with my child or be in the transition area?

When the race starts we ask that only the participants enter the transition area. We also ask that for safety reasons that only the participants and volunteers be on the course. This keeps traffic down to a minimum.  There will be volunteers in view of the participants at all times to direct the triathletes along the course. 

9. What if my child needs help?

There will be numerous volunteers in the water, in the transition area and also along the bike and run courses within sight distance of each other to aid the participants.  The swim will be in shallow water, so that each participant may stand up to rest if necessary.  If your child has special medical needs please let us know.

10. Will there be aid stations on the run course?

There will be a water and aid station at the mid-point of the run course and at the transition area.

11.  Will there be awards or prizes for the participants?

Yes.  All pre-registered triathletes will receive a race t-shirt and a goody bag.  T-shirts and goody bags will be available to those who register on race day if available.  In addition, there will be recognition for participants finishing in the top 3 places in their age/gender group.